Assume that you have started your own website, yes, you are ready to start earning from it. I don’t think so, and not that fast as well. Many of us who are new to worldwide web might actually think that once you have set-up the website, you are starting to earn money from there, but what if there is no visitor and in another word, in virtual worldwide web, we call it traffic. A website without traffic at all, it is consider a ghost town. Why no traffic or no visitor? In real world, for example, just imagine that you have open up a shop in a forest, and there is no road sign pointing to your shop, nor any roads going to the shop, do you think that you might actually get business from the shop? No, not even a single person will know that your shop is open there inside the forest, even though you have the best recipe of dish in the shop.

Without customer, no matter how good is your services, contents, products is, still your business will die, same goes to website.

Ways to gain traffic to website

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