How many times have you asked yourself, why would you, yourself want to build a website? The answer is, want to earn money and more of them. Before you jump into a fantasy world, better let yourself understand why must make a website to earn money and what makes you think that you can earn more money from your website. Often new webmaster like you, might actually think that this owner or that owner of a website actually must be earning a lot of money, they can do it, so does you. Yup, you are right on part of it but might be mistaken on the other part of it. Some website owner does indeed do well in making money via their website and internet business, but some doesn’t, and are trying their best to make money online.

Plan for the start line, which also meant to let you know why you want to build a website. The answer for these are merely in percent, 70% of you would answer to yourself, “I want to earn money online” while the rest of the percentage would fall into having their own business, interest and as a communication with their closed one.

An advice from me, having a website is easy to make one, while maintaining the website is another issue. Without a prober planning and not knowing why yourself build a website for any reason, it will be wasting your time and money. For a startup, you should know what you want to do, what you want to sell, from where i shall get those revenue. All these are important, unless you intend to have a website just for fun and hobbies or even just want to shout out to the world letting everyone know how you felt daily.
There are few things which you need to think of and plan on before having a website or start your life earning money online. On the internet world today and currently web type using are, normal website, blog type, online shop cart which also known as e-commerce, directories, and also video-type which is getting more and more popular this days.

Choose the most suitable type for your own website, and which you are comfortable in doing. It is not that you saw someone’s website can make more money and you follow the idea of how they do, if you think of this way, ask yourself, are you really or do you really want your website to be that way? Will it really works for you? And how often you might updates the website?
Write it down on a piece of paper rather then having the new website with blank page only.

For example :
1. Start planning on what type of contents which you want to be on your website?
2. What is the purpose for the website?

Think and plan why you want to build a website

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