Secret of blogging your way to a Six-figure income by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. Both are the most honored blogger around the world, and are also well-known of being the best content writer and sharing guides and tips with other new blogger to pro blogger. I must say, their words is not just talk only but actually is their experience learned from the past. On April 8th, 2008, Darren and Chris, announced to the world via their famous blog that their secret recipe will be available and written in true words of experienced in a book which will be available soon on April 28th 2008.



If you are one of their favorites fans, and really wish that you can learn more from them, you can actually pre-order their books before the actual launching date. You will save up to 5% if you pre-order it now, even if you have order it without the 5% discount, their book are worth more than that. As they are sharing out for the Secret of blogging, a guide to help reaching six figure income. Contents are really important which i believed that they will mention on the book, of how contents would help you earn more money. For almost more than 2 years, i have been blogging and for these 2 years, i’ve been reading on their guide blog and each and every experience i gain from them are really helpful to each and one of us. Its not about how they tell us on how they earn money but also at the same they are actually guiding us to fully utilized our way of blogging.

A little snoops on what contain inside the books,



Product Description
Blogging has become a popular and fascinating pastime for many, but more and more bloggers are finding it can also be an excellent source of direct or indirect income. Although the barriers to starting a blog are low, without expert guidance it is easy to get frustrated when success doesn’t match expectations. Written by the creator of the world’s #1 resource for making money with blogs, ProBlogger takes the reader from absolute beginner to earning money from or as a result of blogging. Through step by step practical lessons the reader will choose a blog topic, analyze the market, set up a blog, promote it and earn revenue.

Unlike other books that are big on potential and theory, ProBlogger provides results based on the authors own experience of what really works through practical, tried and tested advice. Inside readers will learn:

* How Bloggers Make Money
* Direct Income Earning vs. Indirect Income Earning methods
* Why Niches are Important
* Using 20 critical blogging tools
* 20 Ingredients for a successful blog post
* Optimizing advertising
* Which advertising platforms work best
* Expert analysis of Technocrat’s Top Blogs – why they work
and so much more.

I don’t think i would miss this one. If you want to have better roads on planing how to start earning money, i would recommend you to get a copy of the book now.

Secret of blogging your way – don’t miss this one

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