Always plan upfront before you start any web or register to a web hosting company. You can’t simply start a new website without knowing what you want to do on the website or what will be on the first page and second page and so on. Just an example, imagine taking out a piece of white paper, with a pen on your hand, and without any thinking nor planning on what you will write, all you can see on that piece of paper is plain and blank paper, this is also same on referring on your new website if there aren’t any planning and careful thought of what your want to do with it. Always think wise and not long thinking, time moves fast and so does other website builder and webmaster.


A guide book from the store which i found it is very useful and giving us a slight idea of how and what should we think for. This book itself, not just only will help you on business thoughts but also letting us know on how we should fully boost up our brain. Which i also surprise on the part, left brain decision and right brain decision. Well, all i know for sure, i am using half of my brain to think at the moment. As a title which is included in this book “The key for optimal answer is the optimal question”.

Planning for the start line, is very important as it might give you a result at the end of the development, without a prober thinking or planning, you might end up, having a ghost town, what i really meant is your website wouldn’t have anyone or not much visitor visiting daily or even monthly. Trust me, i have those kind of experience before, and i am sure you will also notice there are many website which is left aside for long time with no updates and no traffic at all.

Tips from me :

  1. Think and plan why you actually want to build a website or want to start earning money online.
  2. Plan on what you want your own web monetize site to have, what will you be selling.
  3. Target traffic, which area of visitor which you are targeting?
  4. Which type of customer or visitor that you wish to have or visiting your website?
  5. What your website name? The name of your website which you wanted to have.
  6. Budgets of spending the whole web development

With the 6 tips, some of us would think that these is too much of thing to think of, but believe me, you wouldn’t want to miss all these 6 tips, as it play an important role for your web development for a start-up. Even some of the webmaster would have miss out some of the steps and tips, and have to redo the whole website again, i don’t think you would like to redo your website again and again in a year, as it will cost you time and effort. Businessman always use this word “Time is cost and time is money”, loosing time could also mean loosing money for business.

Through out this Earning money online guide blogs, i will share out my own idea and opinions on how to start having figures in your bank account. Not to worry of any payment, there is no cost at all for you to learn from here. All my post will be base on my own experience and opinions, if you think that i’m right about it, just let others know about how you earn money online, if you think i’m wrong on things i’ve said, well, correct me if i’m wrong, you’re most welcome. Human do make mistake and human do learn from their mistake and this way, you can improve yourself.

That is also being logical on good thinking which i learn from this book. Impressive written by D.Q.Mclnerny. Another great guide book which it is recommended to have.

Plan for the start line

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