Malaysia advertising network – Adverlets dot com

If you are a Malaysian or Singaporean, and have a new blog(s) and wish to earn some income from your blogs, you can check out this advertising company,


Earning in RM which is Ringgit Malaysia and paid via cheque, and sources mentioned that some blogger really pay well using their service. Not just only benefit for bloggers who want to earn some Ringgit Malaysia but also to it is a good choice to advertise for the local country via internet. In Malaysia, many of the internet user increasing each day, and a lot of us know about free blogging services available.


How to create a shopping website? – Selling online guide

This post is for new webmaster or a new business people who want to create a shopping website which can run almost itself, easily maintain and not having the trouble to start learning all html and internet languages. There is a near to basic knowledge in website programming which you need to know and not so in depth of skills required to doing so. To create your own shopping website, there is many ways of doing so, like for example, if you have a free blog or, you can sell you product by posting on it, along with description, pricing, and putting your payment button on the selected post of products, well, thats a lot of work for me. Imagine that you have to type all the description, which it is required, otherwise who will knows whats so good about your products, secondly, you need to take a snapshot of your product(s) using your digital camera if you want your customer to have a look on what they see is what they get and lastly you would need to create a button of payment via PayPal,Escrow,2checkout, via direct wire banking or others payments type online available today.

Lastly, you will need to wait for emails via outlook express, whether to receive any orders or not, and if you have received some orders, you will need to reply or check whether payment is successfully paid yet or not. Is this the real way of creating a shopping website?


How to Earn Money when my website not making money

This a question that i ask myself some years ago when i newly start blogging and try to start earn
some money via internet. A question of asking “how to earn money when my website not making money”, was not just only me asking myself, i am sure most of us who own a website or some website, doesn’t really earn money or making much money out of it. Some how, its like a negative thought that i have previously, but it was long that this question vanished from my thought. There are a lot of us might earn money from our own website, but some fail to do so. Its not because of a website can’t make money, it is us, ourself who think it can’t.

Even though you’ve gone through many earning money guide website all over the internet, and you still aren’t making money, it is our own mind thinking which need to twist tune on this subject about why my own website not making money.

Keep track of my alexa now

After the new Alexa rank changes, i beginning to think that i should keep track of my alexa ranking changes. Even though some said that the Alexa doesn’t proof anything but it does help some improvement of your blog or website. Improvement in terms on whether other readers, and visitor would like to advertise on your website or not. The date changes last and updated was on 16th April 2008, and my ranking was show below, a screenshot of my alexa, and till date, daily my blog have at least 200 ~ 500+ unique(still rising each day) visitors from various sources, from search engines and well known blog’s trackback like Problogger, Thewwwblog and etc, links from social network, forums that i regularly visits.



Secret of blogging your way – don’t miss this one

Secret of blogging your way to a Six-figure income by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. Both are the most honored blogger around the world, and are also well-known of being the best content writer and sharing guides and tips with other new blogger to pro blogger. I must say, their words is not just talk only but actually is their experience learned from the past. On April 8th, 2008, Darren and Chris, announced to the world via their famous blog that their secret recipe will be available and written in true words of experienced in a book which will be available soon on April 28th 2008.