Off Topic – Petrol rebate from credit card in Malaysia

This post is truely an off topic, but it worth mention out here, for Malaysian but not sure else where are the same or not. Even since the petrol price raised up, many bank in Malaysia are offering credit card which you can enjoy petrol rebate. A rebate which i personally think it is worth of applying, but rebates are not eligible for debit card application which i mentioned earlier about how to apply credit card with little requirement here.

Bank like UOB, HSBC, RHB, Maybank, Citibank(i think they offer too) in Malaysia are offering 2 percent to 5 percent rebate from any petrol station that you pump petrol to your car, but of cos there are terms and conditions. Well, if you swap with your credit card(s), you will need to pay every month when the bill come.


Lets Chitika help to sell your ad space with AdPro

If you want to fill out the ad space of your website, like the one I am having on the advertise page for my earning blogs, now you can let the advertising company do the job, and it is more easier that you can think of. Revenue earning will be 100%, you will receive after your space filled. With Chitika AdPro, they will help you find advertiser, and it is FREE, publishers get to keep 100% of their direct ad sales revenue.


How to apply Credit Card in Malaysia with little requirements

Previously mentioned about never too old to earn money, i did mentioned about Paypal service, and sign up is free but there are limitation, if you do not own an active credit cards on hand. For country like Malaysia, PayPal only allow us Malaysian to withdraw funds through transfer to credit cards only and we do not(yet) have the option to direct transfer to our bank account. If you don’t own a credit card(s), and without any stable income, it is very low chances that you can get approve for applying one. Not to worry if you are new here or you have miss out some guides on how to withdrawn funds from PayPal, there are ways of getting one of the credit cards which is legally and PayPal accept the card too.

we take credit debit cards sign
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Alexa traffic rank updated

I‘ve been tracking my earning tips blog’s Alexa via few posts, by reading my “Start tracking my Alexa traffic“, Alexa recent new improved algorithm, and also was shock on the rank traffic suddenly changed after 2 days only.

Which i think by looking at my last previous rank was 610,454 and the latest 3rd June 2008 new updates, which is 499,996, looks like a nice number with a lot of number 9 :). And hopefully it will will increased more better after the next changes.

Secret of New Alexa rank improved
This is not a 100% word proof from me that it will improve your rank, nor it is really one big secret of gaining your traffic rank improved but for what i’ve been doing for my earning blogs, i think it really helps.


Build shopping cart with Boss Cart

Previous post, mentioning about some great free OSCommerce Shoping cart script available on the internet, and i think i might have miss out this one. They have another name for this one,shopping basket software instead of basket cart, but the real product brand is Boss Cart, which i think it is very nice and clean. Easy to maintain, would be the most top wanted list for those that are new to shopping cart or shopping basket :), while for the webmaster, there is the best thing most webmaster want, which is SEO.