This post is truely an off topic, but it worth mention out here, for Malaysian but not sure else where are the same or not. Even since the petrol price raised up, many bank in Malaysia are offering credit card which you can enjoy petrol rebate. A rebate which i personally think it is worth of applying, but rebates are not eligible for debit card application which i mentioned earlier about how to apply credit card with little requirement here.

Bank like UOB, HSBC, RHB, Maybank, Citibank(i think they offer too) in Malaysia are offering 2 percent to 5 percent rebate from any petrol station that you pump petrol to your car, but of cos there are terms and conditions. Well, if you swap with your credit card(s), you will need to pay every month when the bill come.

With the petrol rebate, even though it is not much, but if you calculate for 1 whole year on the rebate given, you’ll notice, you have saved quite a lot, for example, in a month you pump petrol nearly for RM500(i pump more than this amount), you would saved RM25 for that month, and 1 year you will be saving up to RM300 or more. Well, not just only petrol rebate, you can also try not to bring too much cash money out for shopping(safer). Not just only that, if you are one of the webmaster who is earning money online like mine, with credit card in Malaysia, you can also withdraw or transfer your earning/funds from Paypal to your credit card.

PS: Rebate have to base on their terms and conditions, and I am none related nor affiliate to any of the credit card promo/rebate.

Off Topic – Petrol rebate from credit card in Malaysia
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