If you are a Malaysian or Singaporean, and have a new blog(s) and wish to earn some income from your blogs, you can check out this advertising company, Adverlets.com


Earning in RM which is Ringgit Malaysia and paid via cheque, and sources mentioned that some blogger really pay well using their service. Not just only benefit for bloggers who want to earn some Ringgit Malaysia but also to it is a good choice to advertise for the local country via internet. In Malaysia, many of the internet user increasing each day, and a lot of us know about free blogging services available.

Adverlets.com is one of the Malaysia advertising network, and there are a few more which i think i will be posting it soon. Adverlets advertising network have a lot of of well-known local and foreign advertiser on hand, and they do pay well too. Like for example, Toyota, Digi, Starbucks, HP and many others. Currently their network have more than 135 millions networks, and over 115K of impression monthly, and that is just the current statistic, its still rising.

It is free for register or sign up and with a reasonable price, you can be an advertiser for their program too. The signing was easy and not much need to do, the only thing you need is to verified your account when you received their emails. Once you have registered and verified, make sure that you fill in your payee information, according to your Identification Card, otherwise, you won’t get your payment. Once you have fill up the Profile information, proceed to the blog button, pressing on the Add Blog, you will see your website url but the Tag is blank, fill in the most accurates tag referring to your website. Then press the Get Code button to copy the code to your website, placing on the most suitable place.

Whats more benefit for both Advertiser and Blogger? Their benefit page tells it all.

* get to target the right demographic for their advertising, since we profile each blog individually
* make their message count
* associate themselves with Malaysia’s new wave of dynamic personal content publishers
* demonstrate their relevance by utilizing new tools for communication
* make more money through targeted advertising, relevant to their blog readers
* get to find out more about their own blog readers
* get access to free website tools to upgrade their blog further
* monetize what they love doing

Lastly, i like this statement most among all,

Minimum Required Visitors Per Day
Zero. Because a tree falling in the forest still makes a sound if even one person is there. We don’t judge you by your traffic, but the quality of your visitors. We aim to attract people that matter to every advertiser and audience and execute a fair plan for all.

Its a good thing which they doesn’t require a lot of traffic you gain on your website, and the main reason for this is, to encourage bloggers, if you want to earn more money, post more and regularly and keep the good work.

Malaysia advertising network – Adverlets dot com
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