If you want to fill out the ad space of your website, like the one I am having on the advertise page for my earning blogs, now you can let the advertising company do the job, and it is more easier that you can think of. Revenue earning will be 100%, you will receive after your space filled. With Chitika AdPro, they will help you find advertiser, and it is FREE, publishers get to keep 100% of their direct ad sales revenue.

* Hassle free: Chitika will take care of ad campaign set-up, payments, ad deliver and management.
* 100% Self Service: You choose and customize active ad zones available for direct ad sales.
* We help you sell: You get to create your custom direct ad sales storefront in 3 minutes.
* You are in control: You can get to set your rates, and approve advertisers, start and stop campaigns.
* Cost Effective: It is free. You get to keep 100% of your direct ad sales revenue.

How can i track my direct ad campaigns?
Simply logging into your Chitika account and view all list of activve and pending campaigns.

How to receive revenue after sales?
AdPro revenue will be Included along with your regular Chitika payments which is on a Net 30 basis.

If already a Chitika Publisher, simply logging to your account and select the AdPro Tab, then select the check box to start. Simple.

If not yet a Chitika Publisher, you can sign up to be one now.

Have fun and good luck on earning online.

Lets Chitika help to sell your ad space with AdPro
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