Lets start earning money online today, get a paper and a pen or pencil, read carefully and write it down now. Seriously, you must pay attention to this. Just scroll down and to the bottom and you will see the guide or press the continue reading if you are at the front page now.

This is a very easy way and steps that you can earn money online. Trust me and believe in yourself.


OK, seriously, you did all the thing mentioned above on scrolling down and clicking on the continue reading text, man. Sorry for my wording mentioned above, and apologize for playing a trick like this. The main point of having this trick, i honestly would like you to understand something and learn from here. There is nothing in this world is that simple and easy for earning money online with just a few words. Time is needed to have, patient is what you need,hard work is also required while work smart but not hard is what it should me.After you have think and plan why you want to build a website, one of the reason is that you want to make money online and you want to earn more.


First i let you know my first time experience on making money online, and how i did it. I can tell you that it is like being in hell (sorry for using bad word), you can’t sleep well while thinking of how the thing would go, whether it is smooth or any result from the web. Believe me, i have those bad experience which is where my status of being a new webmaster, i am the worst and the most inexperience one. Even until today, i, myself wouldn’t dare to mentioned that i am pro in making money online nor being a pro in webmaster status. But what i can share is my experience and some guide for you to start earning money online.

For the very first day that i start a website, it wasn’t own by me at all, same goes to you, you can actually start making a website without using a single dime except for those internet connection fees and electric bills which you are using at the moment, and not to forget the computer system which you use to access internet. Well, you still can access internet via cybercafe which provide internet service and which you need to pay for the access fees.

Play safe and start testing out it without using a single dime or in another word without loosing a single dime. This way you can actually learn something from it, which is also learn from doing and making a mistake. You can actually start having a website by using WordPressBloggerTypepad and some other which is not mentioned here.

Yes, for what i know all this a blog type of service, the easiest way and there is no need for you to pay a single dime for the service, all you need to do is, sign up and start blogging. Well that is what i started my career in making money online, at least not yet earning anything but at least you have the first step.


Talking back on website, if you want to have your own company or domain name after your own, then you will need to pay for it and not to worry, if you have no idea where and which web hosting have the reasonable price fees, i will also include some guiding on the part for choosing the web hosting service here.

As for today and till date, blogging have increasing getting popular everyday and yet the easiest and great way to start earning money online without you, yourself making any payment for it. Believe me, if you have no interest of making money this way, you can actually get on your own way by paying a fees for the web host and start earning from there, where you have no idea at all and what you want to do and still yet you are going to pay for the annual fee for the hosting service, unless you know what you want to do. In another situation in which you have a product or your company have products which intend to sell it online and making money through the internet, well, thats what you intend to do, then you will definitely need a website which is the domain name after you or your company. For company purposes, i will include this type of guide later on in my guide.

Blogging type is a way people express themself on the internet via webblog, while other might twist the idea of blogging by using it as a communication with their supplier and vendor or even consumer. Blogging the products letting other know about your products is also one of the way of start earning money online by selling, introducing products.

If you have sign-up on either of the web-blog services, you are now on the first step of starting your path to earn money online.

PS: The above mentioned are purely and 100% from my own point of view and also base on my true experience. You can either believe or follow the step on your own decision and choice.

Let Start Earning Money Online

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