After the new Alexa rank changes, i beginning to think that i should keep track of my alexa ranking changes. Even though some said that the Alexa doesn’t proof anything but it does help some improvement of your blog or website. Improvement in terms on whether other readers, and visitor would like to advertise on your website or not. The date changes last and updated was on 16th April 2008, and my ranking was show below, a screenshot of my alexa, and till date, daily my blog have at least 200 ~ 500+ unique(still rising each day) visitors from various sources, from search engines and well known blog’s trackback like Problogger, Thewwwblog and etc, links from social network, forums that i regularly visits.




If you are blogging for money income, and relying advertising, affiliates, most of the time, advertiser would look into few information about your website.

1. Traffic
Visitor can’t read nor know about your current status of traffic, either by viewing at your Alexa traffic ranking(one of the way), or some might actually email request of traffic stats from your website. You can learn more about how to gain more traffic which i have posted previously.

2. Google PageRank
In which they PR = Google Pagerank, would represent the quality of your website or blog. Not just only showing that there are how many blogs and website linking to your website but also describe as how well-known your website or blog are.

3. Placement of ads ( if ads space )
No advertiser would prefer or actually want their advertisement on a tiny spot on the far left corner which only able to see one sentence, “Buy something here.”. For me, i wouldn’t hope my advertisement placed on a spot when visitor and reader are hard to see spot.

4. Price and conditions of duration
Tell me that i am wrong, if your website or blog, have about 10 visitor per month, is there anyone would actually want to pay $100 per month for the advertise fees? NO. The real calculation to this is, TRAFFIC x QUALITY = DURATION + PRICE. For a new website, who want to start website, better off start low, depend on what price do you think your website might worth for advertise to pay. Think of you, yourself, is a advertiser, and what is the most you would pay for the website to advertise.

5. Interface design of your website.
Try keep as clean as possible for your website design. Check out a few related website to yours, how they blend their colors and logo which matches their products.

6. Your web targeted niche or products
There is a low chances that a website talking or blog about a rings, wedding rings for example, and an advertiser would actually want to advertise their coffin products on the website. 🙂 This is facts and i am sure even the wedding rings related website would allow such product advertise on their website.

7. Language ( depend on certain country advertiser )
For example, i am sure that a Arabian advertiser have an Arab languages going to advertise on your chinese language website. Unless they have a product image only and it is related to your website and blogs.

No website or blogs is perfect for the first time, but learning from mistake and getting reviews from others, you will improve more better than the first time. And time is needed for correcting certain specs, like my case here, i will be focusing on how the new Alexa ranking changes and what will it do good or con for my earning blogs.

Keep track of my alexa now

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