This a question that i ask myself some years ago when i newly start blogging and try to start earn
some money via internet. A question of asking “how to earn money when my website not making money”, was not just only me asking myself, i am sure most of us who own a website or some website, doesn’t really earn money or making much money out of it. Some how, its like a negative thought that i have previously, but it was long that this question vanished from my thought. There are a lot of us might earn money from our own website, but some fail to do so. Its not because of a website can’t make money, it is us, ourself who think it can’t.

Even though you’ve gone through many earning money guide website all over the internet, and you still aren’t making money, it is our own mind thinking which need to twist tune on this subject about why my own website not making money.

It is true that, some can earns a lot of money, but some doesn’t. Believing in yourself only, wasn’t good enough, but making a move to go ahead is the right move you should do. For example, is John Chow making money from his own website? Yes, indeed. How and why? Is Darren from Problogger earns a lot of money from his web blog about making money online? The answer is also yes. Read on and you know why..


How and why?
The answer to How they do it, and why they can earn money online, is what i believe in most, is the hardwork, and move ahead. John Chow, was once an unknown blogger, back from few months or years, and today, you got to believe that his website actually have at least more than 10k of visitor per day, which also include return visitors, royal visitors and commentator. If you try read post that he wrote, i must say, a part of it, he is writing in his own way of speaking, while the other part, sponsored request(thats mean, you get pay when you promote.) Most of the blogger website do nowaday. How can he possibly gain those visitors and earnings? The secret is, natural blogging, believe in yourself,
join communities, expose yourself via blogs comments, attain events and so on. There are many ways that he could have done it successfully. Which i might try to get in touch with him, having a short interview about hows its like when he first started, if only i get a reply from his busy schedule.

Darren Rowse, from Problogger, a blog which he writes, and share about his own experience on making money online via his blogs, and other website. He was also started as an unknown person through the internet once, but now, many of us, already admired him as the problogger of making money online.
There is one post which reminded me on this post title, which is how to be more positive, a nice post and written professionally indeed. The post not just only telling meaning about trying to be positive but also not to be negative, well, you should be in the middle which balance yourself.

Not everyone in this internet world can make money, but i can also say it this way, not everyone in this world, can’t make money. But refering to both pioneer of blogger and making money online, both of them let us know, that, in this world nothing cannot be succeed if we didn’t even try. As to refresh myself, i tried reading back on my post on how to gain traffic, and even earn a million with a contents, these post actually written as in my own experience. And i know there are many otherways to get customer, it could be a thousand of ways to do so, the most important thing is to know what you want for your website, even though, you know that how you can earn from your website when it isn’t making any money.

Times explain it all, and effort will be needed to accomplish each goals. Another useful guide onmaking money online from Doshdosh, which you might to read on.

How to Earn Money when my website not making money

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