This post is for new webmaster or a new business people who want to create a shopping website which can run almost itself, easily maintain and not having the trouble to start learning all html and internet languages. There is a near to basic knowledge in website programming which you need to know and not so in depth of skills required to doing so. To create your own shopping website, there is many ways of doing so, like for example, if you have a free blog or, you can sell you product by posting on it, along with description, pricing, and putting your payment button on the selected post of products, well, thats a lot of work for me. Imagine that you have to type all the description, which it is required, otherwise who will knows whats so good about your products, secondly, you need to take a snapshot of your product(s) using your digital camera if you want your customer to have a look on what they see is what they get and lastly you would need to create a button of payment via PayPal,Escrow,2checkout, via direct wire banking or others payments type online available today.

Lastly, you will need to wait for emails via outlook express, whether to receive any orders or not, and if you have received some orders, you will need to reply or check whether payment is successfully paid yet or not. Is this the real way of creating a shopping website?


Is that simple for you, if you are a business people who want to sell product(s) online? I would say, some of us do it this way, one thing you will notice is, it is the lowest cost of having a shopping website or in another internet terms, we also call it a shopping cart. The lowest cost is having a free webblog service, even though you need not pay anything to host or sell things via your blog, but time is money, every seconds does count. You see, if you go forth and back, loading and copying codes to your product post, yes indeed its only take about few seconds or so, but when you finally finished the whole product(s) listing, i guess someone out there selling the same products already started selling few of them, while you are typing half of the product(s) list description.

How to create a shopping website?
For some reason, i am not expert on creating and programming on shopping website, which i am not here to give codes on how to program it or something, but sharing for those that are new in internet business, and giving an idea on where to download shopping cart software which can do business for you and in a much more easier way.

First of all, you must at least have your domain, hosted wherever you think is giving a reasonable hosting fees. Have a nice domain name getting ready, and start checking belows shopping carts app website, see which is most suitable for you or which is the best shopping cart script that you like.



OSCommerce Shopping cart

I am sure most of the webmaster today, knows this website, OSCommerce have the most easiest and flexible tools for our shopping cart website. The website have over millions of downloads from new to updates per month, which many of the users knows how good they are. With this tool, it can accept most of the payment types available todays, all you need to do is to fill in the price. And its free downloads.

2. Shopping Cart Script


Shop-Script Shopping cart

PHP type of shopping cart, easy to install, doesn’t require any programming knowledge at all. Nice and clean design(the free version only). You can download the free version, or paid version pro and premium . Each have their special features that came along, the pro vesion now has integrated with Google Checkout, and many others too. Its also have integrated DHL, FedEx, UPS and US Postal Service features which is real-time shipping quotes, this way, your customer will can choose which type of delivery they want to use.

3. Commerce.CGI


Commerce CGi Shopping cart

CGI type of shopping cart, was first launched in 1998, and was the first free version of shopping cart at that time of web technology. Its free too.

All 3 tools, are useful, its free. Easy to maintain, and all you need to do is adding product(s) description, price and quantity via the administrative page, and you need not to do any coding except that you need to start planning on what thing you want to sell and start earning from it.

PS : I am no affiates nor related to above mentioned products, nor i get paid from them. This is an opinions from my own.

How to create a shopping website? – Selling online guide

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