Previously mentioned about never too old to earn money, i did mentioned about Paypal service, and sign up is free but there are limitation, if you do not own an active credit cards on hand. For country like Malaysia, PayPal only allow us Malaysian to withdraw funds through transfer to credit cards only and we do not(yet) have the option to direct transfer to our bank account. If you don’t own a credit card(s), and without any stable income, it is very low chances that you can get approve for applying one. Not to worry if you are new here or you have miss out some guides on how to withdrawn funds from PayPal, there are ways of getting one of the credit cards which is legally and PayPal accept the card too.

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Few years ago, if you don’t have any stable income or have a job, its hard to apply credit cards in Malaysia. With a requirement of having a minimum annual income and also some Form J need to pass over to the bank if you want to apply a credit cards, not just in Malaysia but also in most of the country. Today, if you want to apply one, you’ll still need to have those basic requirement, like age must be at least 18+, minimum annual salary and so on, but some of the bank(s) in Malaysia now, they have provide this cards which are known as Debit Card or even VISA Electron. Its like a prepaid card, you will need to top-up the card with money via bank-in or using the ATM machine to deposit cash to the card, if you run out of cash value in this card.

Bank in Malaysia Offering these Debit Card or VISA Electron are :

1. AMBank Group

Ambank Nextg

:: AmBank NexG PrePaid MasterCard gives you cashless convenience with worldwide recognition, offers convenience in online shopping and online transaction while giving you ultimate security. With RM25 only, you can get it at your nearest AmBank Outlets, 7-Eleven(Some places are not available.)
2. Public Bank Berhad
Public Bank visa electron

:: Public Bank Visa Electron provide a low fees at RM24 only annually.
3. Maybank2u

4. UOB Bank

5. RHB Bank
RHB Plusone

:: RHB PlusOne ECash can be apply either from RHB Bank and SenQ(a famous electronic store in Malaysia).
:: Above 12 years old can apply already, actually intend to help kids learn on how to use credit cards wisely.
Currently above mentioned banks are offering such a great cards, and it is also a chance for bloggers in Malaysia to have a chance and an easy way to withdraw money from the money they earned. If you want to be a Verified PayPal member, make sure you have added your credit card(s) detail in your PayPal profile to enjoy higher amount to send and received money.

This card(s) have lesser requirement and best of all, no late charges fees and it is widely use, accepted through any online transaction.

How to apply Credit Card in Malaysia with little requirements
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