Finally, the real effective keywords is your content. As they say, content is king, and content plays the most important role on your web, the more information you provide the better.  Let us put in one scenario, lets say, search for Apple in Google Search Engine, what are the result? Yes, I am very sure what you just did, or didn’t already know what is the result, it show all result of Apple company. What happen to the fruit apple? It just vanished from the search result. No it didn’t vanish, all you need to do is add “eat apple” or “apple nutrition”, and the result of the fruit apple will appear. Have you realize the clear point here? Do not attempt to put all phrase like eat apple, apple nutrition, apple farm, fresh apple.. until it end up to be a description instead of a keywords. A phrase can be a keywords, and so does description and the CONTENT. Try not to focus too much on the keywords, focus more on the content, what user and reader want to read or visit your site is to read your content and not landing on your page with all keywords instead of content.

As we mentioned before, Google Improved a lot, and they done very well in filtering the search result. For another example, if you search for “Credit Card”, the result would show up all banks’ website on the first page. Well that is what all reader and user wants. It is not that keywords are no longer useful, but it does and do, whatever information and words on your web page is actually keywords, either in phrase or in statement. Another example of the apple, by searching “eat apple”, were on the top rank and why? Because it has all the information and keywords, within the description and information in the contents itself.

The highly effective keywords you should know, is the content, the product that you are going to introduce to the world, the words that you want other to know and read and share.


If you want to have a good rank, why not try out the Google AdWords, where you can find out more about keywords by using its keywords tool.

Wish you good luck.
David Cheong

Highly effective keywords you need to know
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