Its been long time ever since I have update on this blog. First of all, Happy New Year to all readers. The return on this earning guide blog, I would like to start of with Highly effective keywords I would like to share. If you are new on blogging or internet website development, you might know why keywords is also play an important role in your coming new blogs, or website or even your business.

What is Keywords?
Let say, I want to create a new blogs or website, and on the web page itself, I want to put my own products, and the product is Orange. I want to sell it online, let other know how juicy my orange is. Well, my keywords for my website is, “Orange” , “Juicy Orange” , “Sell Orange” and others. Thats my keywords.

Why use Keywords?

When it comes to search engine on the internet, most of the search engines bot will crawl on your web page and search for keywords, when it records your keywords, it will update on it database, so that whenever user search for this keywords, result referring to the keywords user type will show.

What is the highly effective keywords I should include?
First of all, it is important that you have this code within your header page. Well some might say, does it necessary to include this code? It really depends and there is no harm having the code on it. The code to include is pretty simple, just add

<META NAME=”keywords” CONTENT=”Your Keywords”>

Placing the code above in between


Be caution on using keywords, try not to place too many keywords, as you might get penalized by Google for stuffing keywords or another word, spamming. There are many website actually in order to gain rank on Search Engine, they actually put a long list of keywords on the meta. This is not recommended. If you are not sure what keywords that should you place on the meta, continue reading as it explain the highly effective keywords you really want to know.

Highly effective keywords you need to know
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