Contents are indeed cost a million if it is valued and unique word from your own mind and thoughts. Get your keyboard and mouse ready, start clicking and typing your own words with the website you’ve made. Don’t let it lying there fill with empty word. No one will bother to visit nor read ( which i think if its blank or under construction, who want to read and stay there ). Gaining traffic and visitors from the net is another part which you will need to know how and what you need to do, but first, get to know the contents well, know what you are going to type.

Don’t type crappy words and bad english like i do, my words would not cost worth a million nor a dime, its worthless if there is no visitor, no traffic(not those cars on the highway). If there is no sticky visitor or reader reading your contents, that’s a terrible content which cost nothing, its totally not worth spending time reading on it. Visitor(s) or reader(s) want informations, details and not crappy word that i am typing now, and of course sometimes with a little jokes would be amusing.

We all know content(s) play an important role on our website, and it is part of the making money online way, and do have your own words, and contents. Don’t just copy from other website, books, and other materials which you could find. Being a copy cat, it will not stay long nor you will stand long in the net.

An easiest way to have your own unique contents is by saying(typing) what you really want to say, what you want to tell the world about how good is the socks that you are selling. For example, if you wear this socks, you will feel warm, terrific, you can even fly over the moon, but of course flying to the moon with the socks on, is a bit absurd. Is absurd the right word to say? Not sure, but the poor english i had, might improve sooner or later. About language for the contents, is it totally up to your own desire, your own rights. The website is yours, and you have rights to write in any type of languages that you want which is also which type of visitor you are targeting on. But not to worry, eventhough you know only chinese, or japanese or even latin, the visitor can find a way to translate it via some website translator service. For instant, Google now have a toolbar ready for you to use for translating a foreign language, its nearly there, nearly 99% correct on converting to other language to other languages. So be patient, these big company will improve more and more every day, it’s just a matter of time. By the time, they have more improvement, i am sure that your contents or post have increased more.

More contents and more information, these is what visitor(s) and reader(s) want. Some website are earning a million dollar with their contents, from ads, to sponsorship and from subscriber. Once you are known to the web, company and advertiser will come to you, they will offer you, or even asking permission to have an ads on your website, and thats where you can start earning money online, well thats another part of the guide which will be going through later.

Earn a million dollar with contents

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