Previous post, mentioning about some great free OSCommerce Shoping cart script available on the internet, and i think i might have miss out this one. They have another name for this one,shopping basket software instead of basket cart, but the real product brand is Boss Cart, which i think it is very nice and clean. Easy to maintain, would be the most top wanted list for those that are new to shopping cart or shopping basket :), while for the webmaster, there is the best thing most webmaster want, which is SEO.


I’ve try out their demo version which is available live on their website, and i don’t think you can buy those stuff showed on the demo, beside, the way of their homepage is really neat and nicely arranged, via their demo website, and it is the basic version of the templates which is free download.


While viewing on the products available on the cart, you will notice the details and image of the product you wish to sell online, it is easy for visitor to navigate and when you click on the product image it will enlarge with some animation, very similar to some other shopping cart available.


All transaction are payable via todays available well-known virtual payment services and they have improved security coding embedded which protect both buyer and the website owner. And for what i noticed on their website, there are 3 available downloads, which is Boss Cart JV(FREE)Boss Cart Premium and Bespoke Boss Cart.

All 3 available version have different type of features which you can select on which is more suitable for your online business, as for me, i would recommend using their Boss cart premium which is affordable and the best part is, it is designed according to your needs, and requirement in another word it is unique customized for you.

You can download their free shopping cart script via their website, and if you want a custom ecommerce script of Bosscart, you contact their web-programmer, which i intend to have a short interview with them later, and post some new updates about their Bosscart shopping cart script.

Would you like to have your shopping cart look as nice as Boss Cart? I’m sure you do, you’re the boss :).

Build shopping cart with Boss Cart

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