A recent alert from Twitter to tweeters, beware of Twitter hacker whom use ways to hack into your account by sending false email from twitter(fake) and have a link inside the email for you to click on to login. Please do not click on the link unless the link is twitter.com, and not other url address other then the specified.

tweet phishing

Or even some Tweeters would actually tweet you a link which say “Great website check this out”, eventually once you have click on it, passwords and username will be asked on the site. The fake site which is also have the same screen design and exactly the same interface with the original one, the only difference is, the url on top of the address bar. Twitter also mentioned here.

Many well-known website today have integrated Twitter for its easy, fast interface for communication. Even today, government use Twitter for emergency alerts, notices on nearby traffic(certain area). Not long ago, which I’ve posted about Twitter integrated on Google Friend Connect here and some gadgets on your web for Twitter Counter.

Whenever you received any form of emails, which contain links, you have to make sure the link direct you to where its should be. But right click on the link, select copy link location, and open a notepad, paste on it. This way, you can check whether it is the original website that it mentioned. Other then using this method, Anti virus with Internet Security, most of them have a feature called Anti-Phishing, and this way it will protect you from browsing the wrong website, just make sure your antivirus software are always up-to-date.

Beware latest Twitter hack
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