After a long Chinese New Year which is nearly about 1 month, wow, I guess, I miss my blogs here. I am now back to full time blogging and doing other internet earning. After the 2nd week of Chinese New Year, I was thinking to blog something or post some idea which I had earlier about blogging and earning via some other internet method. Things wasn’t what I was expected, I can hardly access my own website and blogs, its not the webhost fault, but it is my home ISP which have some problems on connecting to international website. Thats doesn’t look good for me, most of the website which I always hang out or read on, were having problem on loading the page and it took nearly 30 minutes or forever to load a page.

Before I start or post new ideas of earning money online, I think I should recap a few post which are most viewed and have some similar happening currently experiencing which I like to share.

1. Asia internet connection still slow – which undersea cable are the cause of the incident and many Asian internet user were having trouble surfing or browsing other country’s website.
2. Beware latest Twitter hack – a must know issue, which the information were informed from Official Twitter website about some hacker trying to hack Twitter user.
3. Upload files to earn cash now – some earning which a webmaster would like to earn cash for letting user to download files and webmaster will earn cash for the files uploaded. A must have for those who always share files to others or for others to download.
4. Alexa traffic rank updated – some updates for this earning blog on Alexa traffic ranking, and the chart is like a share marketing chart. What I’ve done and what did I do, regarding my Alexa traffic rank went up and down.
5. How to apply credit card in Malaysia with little requirement – If you are a Malaysian blogger, or whom are trying to withdraw money from what you’ve earn via internet, a credit card would be easy for you.
6. Build shopping cart with Boss Cart – If you want to be a boss and have little budget to own a shop, you should try out the Boss Cart, which can act as a virtual shopping mall for your business.

Among the 65 above mentioned, the post which received the most traffics and some issue about what I am facing after Chinese New Year. Before this post, I did received some emails and message via MSN, from some’s readers, asking what happens to me, and am I alright? To those that sent the emails and regards, thanks for the concern. And I am glad to be back now,(still have some slow connection problem), and hoping to have more post to share with you all.

Back to full time blogging

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