In Asia, country like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria, and France are affected on slow internet connection since 22nd December 2008, last year, which I’ve mentioned about slow internet connection which were in fixing progress. But things weren’t what we expected, four cable were cuts over the holiday season severely impacted Internet performance between Europe and Asia, while a subsequent cut on another section of the SEA ME WE 4 is expected to delay repairs until this week, operators and news agencies have reported.

According to France Telecom, SEA ME WE 3, SEA ME WE 4, and Reliance’s Flag were cut on the 19th of December under the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisia, on sections connecting Sicily to Egypt. While the original cuts on SEA ME WE 4, Flag and Go-1 have been repaired over the period by both FranceTelecom and Reliance, the latest incident involving a second cut on the SEA ME WE 4 system is expected to be completed sometime this week, after which the cable ship will move to repair the damage on SEA ME WE 3, reports said.

I was expecting the internet browsing will be restored on 4th January 2009, but when tried on browsing some of the website, some were fast and some were taking long time to fully load. But as what the source mentioned, the repair are on the way, and surfing speed will be restore soon. Currently from the day the disruption events started, the worst thing I am facing is receiving emails, which the email always hang or stop responding, while on surfing or browse website, the page would take nearly 25 minutes least to fully load a page or unable to view any at all.

Many may have predicted that after this occurrence, there are very high chances that big company will try their best to improve or develop a new satelite type of internet connection world wide real soon. Currently handphone or mobile phone are able to access WAP, Edge, WiMax, and so there will be more and it will have a much faster, stable internet connection. Time will explain it all. As many are also trying to venture into a mobile world using advertising via phone, MMS, SMS, and VMS. Soon hopefully, my blog will be more viewable(hopefully will be much better) on a mobile phone, or PDA.

Credit source from TelecomTV.

Post update : Having a slow internet connection doesn’t do any good especially for blogger whom tried to update their post or even for their website which is hosted near area with slow internet connection.

Asia internet connection still slow(Update 2)
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