I‘ve been tracking my earning tips blog’s Alexa via few posts, by reading my “Start tracking my Alexa traffic“, Alexa recent new improved algorithm, and also was shock on the rank traffic suddenly changed after 2 days only.

Which i think by looking at my last previous rank was 610,454 and the latest 3rd June 2008 new updates, which is 499,996, looks like a nice number with a lot of number 9 :). And hopefully it will will increased more better after the next changes.

Secret of New Alexa rank improved
This is not a 100% word proof from me that it will improve your rank, nor it is really one big secret of gaining your traffic rank improved but for what i’ve been doing for my earning blogs, i think it really helps.

1. Blog Comments
Yes. Blog comment is also part of my traffic increased so does it will affect my Alexa traffic rank. Leaving a comments on the blogs similar to what your blog is doing really help, some might not bring much traffic, but with example of this, i think it will help. In 10 blogs having the similar thing that what your blogs are posting of, and each blog maybe will provide 5 unique visitor daily, and it also mean, 10 x 5 = 50 daily average. These what i’m currently getting per day.

2. In forums, put signature link
Yes. Some forums that you’ve joined, they might have this feature for you, to place a signature link where in every reply, thread that you type in. It does help, where each time when you do a reply or start a thread and somehow, i am sure that some member are interested to know more about you, and in somehow, they will try look at your signature link. Old way, but work all the time. If you are one of a forum’s member, which the forum always have active and heavy traffic, chances of gaining traffic is high.

3. Social Bookmark, Socialize yourself in network
What is social bookmarking? Given a button or link to bookmark via their social bookmark services like

Social Bookmarking
1. Del.icio.us
2. Digg
3. Reddit
and others, which will be included via post later.

Socialize yourself
a. Myspace
b. Stumbleupon
c. Technorati
d. Facebook
e. MyBlogLog
f. BlogCatalog
g. Entrecard
h. Google Plus (Updated)

and others which i can’t include all here.

All these 3 guide which is among few others guides on gaining traffic, and for sure, it is a very common way for blogger and webmaster to use for getting traffic from. As for my earning blog, traffic not just only came from the 3 method i’ve using, but also from SE, also known as Search Engine, like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Increase traffic and more targeted visitor via Google Adword is also highly recommended from any other webmaster(s) and business website. It is also believed that with a reasonable bid price on a keyword for your website, you actually will gain traffic. If you have limited budget and want some traffic and sales(at least 99% of webmaster agree with the advertising service.)

Alexa traffic rank updated
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