Welcome to my earning money online guide blog. I was known as davcheong over the internet, while in real life, people called me David Cheong. You can i either call me dav, or davcheong or even David Cheong whichever you like. The main reason you visit my blog isn’t want to know who am i nor what i am called. But as an intro, you have the right to know who am i and where i am from.

I am from Malaysia, one of the country in Asia. Malaysia is a nice place to stay or visit. Not so cold nor so hot at all time. Places and food which you may want to go and eat are really nice. For me, i can be consider as a pro in earning money online or maybe a mid-pro i may presume. My english word are sometimes really poor, hope to apologize upfront before you starting reading and learning from my Earning guide blog.

Most of the post i will be posting here, are actually in my own point of view and opinions, at times, i could be wrong on certain part or even the whole thing. Correct me if i’m wrong and you have the right to make a comments. By doing this, not just only me who will learn more but also it will goes to other reader(s) whom just drop by to have a look.

This earning money online guide blog is new, but you can visit us from time to time to get new knowledge or even know more about starting earning money online.

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