Highly effective keywords you need to know

Its been long time ever since I have update on this blog. First of all, Happy New Year to all readers. The return on this earning guide blog, I would like to start of with Highly effective keywords I would like to share. If you are new on blogging or internet website development, you might know why keywords is also play an important role in your coming new blogs, or website or even your business.

What is Keywords?
Let say, I want to create a new blogs or website, and on the web page itself, I want to put my own products, and the product is Orange. I want to sell it online, let other know how juicy my orange is. Well, my keywords for my website is, “Orange” , “Juicy Orange” , “Sell Orange” and others. Thats my keywords.

Why use Keywords?

Back to full time blogging

After a long Chinese New Year which is nearly about 1 month, wow, I guess, I miss my blogs here. I am now back to full time blogging and doing other internet earning. After the 2nd week of Chinese New Year, I was thinking to blog something or post some idea which I had earlier about blogging and earning via some other internet method. Things wasn’t what I was expected, I can hardly access my own website and blogs, its not the webhost fault, but it is my home ISP which have some problems on connecting to international website. Thats doesn’t look good for me, most of the website which I always hang out or read on, were having problem on loading the page and it took nearly 30 minutes or forever to load a page.

Before I start or post new ideas of earning money online, I think I should recap a few post which are most viewed and have some similar happening currently experiencing which I like to share.


How to make and earn money online for Malaysian at home or work?

How to make and earn money online for Malaysian whom are working at home and working at daytime, but want some extra income on night time? A question asked from a friend of mine via MSN. For some of us out there with experience over the internet, it would be easy to answer yourself with this question, but for some reason, those that have not really go into making money online life via internet, he would try to search high and low for answers, some say this will work and some say by doing this it won’t.

On my previous how to earn money from a website, and planning a flow for your internet business topics, were very similar to what I am going to post it here and answer to you, John. :). But it will be divided into few categories and there is no guarantee it will work but something which I am sure a lot of online entrepreneur had do the same way. Below stated would be suitable for Malaysian who want to earn and make money online either at home, after working hour, or even while you are working in the office, your earning project are still running at the back.

Asia internet connection still slow(Update 2)

In Asia, country like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria, and France are affected on slow internet connection since 22nd December 2008, last year, which I’ve mentioned about slow internet connection which were in fixing progress. But things weren’t what we expected, four cable were cuts over the holiday season severely impacted Internet performance between Europe and Asia, while a subsequent cut on another section of the SEA ME WE 4 is expected to delay repairs until this week, operators and news agencies have reported.

According to France Telecom, SEA ME WE 3, SEA ME WE 4, and Reliance’s Flag were cut on the 19th of December under the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisia, on sections connecting Sicily to Egypt. While the original cuts on SEA ME WE 4, Flag and Go-1 have been repaired over the period by both FranceTelecom and Reliance, the latest incident involving a second cut on the SEA ME WE 4 system is expected to be completed sometime this week, after which the cable ship will move to repair the damage on SEA ME WE 3, reports said.